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Lettering Works is a brand design studio by Chelsie Tamms specializing in hand-lettering, wholesale, and courses for artists—all with the mission of bringing more creativity into the world.

You are:

→ An established business owner looking to create strong visuals that attract your ideal clients→ A non-profit that wants to reach more people through engaging artwork→ A store or museum seeking a line of quality and mission-driven art products → An artist who wants to monetize your passions and build a sustainable business

Whichever path you’re on, I’m excited to be a partner in your success.

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Hi! I’m Chelsie Tamms, the name and face behind Lettering Works. 

I’m a lettering artist and brand strategist with 10+ years of experience doing what I love most: creating art to uplift and inspire my community. From custom branding projects to courses and wholesale products, I offer a range of services to help you grow and thrive in the creative world. 

My clients are small business owners, artists, non-profits, local businesses, and retailers who believe in the power and effect of art. Every project, every course, and every piece of merchandise I design is crafted with thought and intention. 

Whether you’re in need of a logo, brand guidance, or custom merchandise for your store, I’m here to be a partner in your success. Strong branding is everything—it’s the first thing your audience sees. Let’s work together to leave a lasting impression.

Bringing brands to life with strategy and vision.

Explore how we can work together:

Branding for Artists + Creatives

Branding is what makes you stand out. It’s how someone connects to you. And it’s often the biggest indicator of whether or not someone will buy from you. Every branding project is unique, but my process is the same: getting to the core of your business and translating that into powerful visuals. From logo design to strategy sessions, I meet you where you are in your journey to create a memorable and unique brand. 

Wholesale + Custom Merchandise

Branded merchandise is not only a fun offering for customers, but it’s a great way to spread awareness of your business. If you’re a museum, gift shop, or non-profit looking to create custom or wholesale merchandise, let’s chat. Or, explore my popular collections around mental health, disability pride, plant love, female empowerment, and neighborhood/city pride.

Online Courses for Artists

I built a career around my art and you can too. After 5+ years in business, I packaged everything I’ve learned into this step-by-step program, giving you the business knowledge needed to monetize your creative passions.

Start by checking out my signature course, Self-Made Artist Academy.

Availability Open for Branding + Custom Merchandise Projects 〰️ Inquire Today 〰️

 Availability Open for Branding + Custom Merchandise Projects 〰️ Inquire Today 〰️

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